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Poly Glide Shuffleboard Court Dressing

A proven balance of cornmeal and styrene beads which offers durability and speed.  The particle size is controlled and the beads are treated to be anti-static.  A special process removes the fines and the oversized raw materials making this product as clean and dust free as possible.  Little or no residue is left on the court.

40lb. box 20lb. box 10lb. box
$225.00 $128.00 $70.00
Poly Wind Guard

A newly formulated wind resistant product which combines the durability and speed of styrene beads with the visibility of cornmeal.  Created to be economical without affecting the finished surface of a concrete shuffleboard.  It will hold fast to a court on windy days.

40lb. box 20lb. box 10lb. box
$246.00 $138.00 $78.00
Poly Neutral Beads

Styrene beads that have been specially treated to reduce the static charge which is created when a disc glides over the beads.

40lb. box 20lb. box 10lb. box
$265.00 $148.00 $83.00
Poly Wind Resister Court Dressing

Styrene beads which have been treated with a special emulsion that makes the dressing hold fast to a court during windy conditions.

40lb. box 20lb. box 10lb. box
$270.00 $150.00 $84.00

Starburst Poly Blaze - Tournament Wax

A mixture of Poly Glide, Wind Guard and Neutral Beads that has been proven to be faster, and last longer. It is made especially for Diamond Finished Courts but can be used on any shuffleboard surface.

40lb. box 20lb. box 10lb. box
$256.00 $143.00 $82.00
 StarburstPoly Eastern Mix

Made for Eastern style shuffleboards.  Slower than Poly Glide with better holding power.  An economical alternative to glass beads.

40lb. box 20lb. box 10lb. box
$164.00 $87.00 $47.00

36" Microfiber Wet Mop Set

This is an excellent system for cleaning and maintaining Diamond and Liquid surface courts.  The set comes with (3) Microfiber Pads, (1) Frame and (1) Telescoping Handle. Microfiber Dust Mop Heads are also available that fit the Frame.

36" Microfiber Wet Mop Set

36" Microfiber Pads (3)

36" Microfiber Dust Mop Head




T-Bar Applicator

We strongly recommend the use of a T-Bar Applicator to apply all of our specialized coatings.  It is a clean, easy, efficient way for applying finish. There is no mess and no wasted product.  The T-Bar is a 18" tube-like apparatus with a swivel connection that fits any broom handle.  The 18" Nylfoam sleeve slides onto it. The sleeve is replaceable.

18" T-Bar Applicator $45.00

18" Nylfoam Sleeve


dsc08771.jpg (23044 bytes)

Arizona Seal & Glaze

At long last, a sealer which will bring those old, porous concrete courts back to life!  Developed to be durable while offering an extreme gloss and a slippery finish (something which has never been accomplished by a sealer before).

1 gallon 4 gal. / case
$75.00 $300.00
wpe9.jpg (5599 bytes)
Poly Tri-Coat

Developed as a new system for applying sealer to a shuffleboard court. It quickly fills pores to provide a smoother surface. One coat of Poly Tri-Coat is equal to three coats of Arizona Seal & Glaze, thus providing less application time. Each coat increases gloss and numerous coats can be applied depending on porosity of court. A Poly Fabric Mop is required for application. A twelve hour drying time is required between coats because of the thickness of the product.

1 gallon 4 gal. / case
$80.00 $320.00
Poly Thermo Seal

A water based thermoplastic acrylic coating that offers outstanding blocking power against most chemicals, including gasoline. It is recommended for concrete, brick, terrazzo, clay tile, vinyl tile and asphalt. It is excellent for use on shuffleboard approaches since it is extremely durable and non-slip.

1 gallon 4 gal. / case
$65.00 $260.00
wpeA.jpg (4734 bytes)
Poly Ultra Glide

A new zinc free, styrene based co-polymer court finish.  This zing free formulation is environmentally friendly, and its styrene base adds hardness and weather resistance to the film.  It is also loaded with silicone which makes a court extremely slick and shiny.   All of this makes the finish very durable and easy to maintain.

1 gallon 4 gal. / case
$72.00 288.00
wpeB.jpg (2883 bytes)
Poly Court Neutralizer

A fantastic concentrated cleaner for the weekly maintenance of a shuffleboard court.   It will remove dirt and residue without harming the finish coat.  Made to be totally neutral, it leaves a perfect surface for re-applying wax or sealer.  In its more diluted from, it is an excellent cleaner for areas around a shuffleboard court also.

1 gallon 4 gal. / case
$35.00 $140.00
wpeD.jpg (4118 bytes)
Poly Power Strip

A new extra strength stripper for those "tough to strip" courts.   With added surfactants, it can remove even the hardest, most built-up finish.

1 gallon 4 gal. / case
$40.00 $160.00
wpeE.jpg (3107 bytes)
Poly Sure Strip

This is a non-ammoniated, concentrated stripper which quickly emulsifies thermoplastic acrylic polymers.

1 gallon 4 gal. / case
$35.00 $140.00
wpe10.jpg (3129 bytes)
Speed Spray (Disc Restorer)

A quick and simple way of reconditioning a shuffleboard disc.  A small amount sprayed on the bottom of a disc restores the disc to a shiny brilliance, makes it glide easier and play faster.

8 oz. Spray Bottle $25.00

Poly Ultra Spray Buff Treatment (Court Restorer)

The most exciting innovation in shuffleboard maintenance that has ever been developed.  It replaces the mop and bucket.  A court can be restored to a clean, bright, slick shine without the use of water, without making a mess!  Just dust mop, spray and buff, it's a simple effective method of maintaining a shuffleboard.

 32 oz. Spray Bottle   $30.00
 1 gallon   $60.00

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