Diamond Curling


            Sundance RV Park, Yuma, AZ                        Val Vista Fiesta, Mesa, AZ                   Araby Acres Curling Team, Yuma, AZ

Curling Rules

1.  Good footwear is recommended as the surfaces are very slippery with dressing. (We recommend Poly Blaze).

2.  Only the skips should be in the house.

3.  Except for the player throwing the Poly Rocks, the others should be off the curling sheet on each end to avoid an accident.

4.  When you throw, your feet need to stay behind the back of the house. If you shoot right handed, you must shoot from the left side, and if you shoot left handed, you must shoot from the right side.  This enables the Poly Rock to start in the center of the sheet.

5.  Flip a coin and the winner will decide who shoots first and the other picks color.

6.  Any Poly Rock touching the white lines is to be taken off--Except for the white line at the back of      the house. 

  Sequences of play

              All players will throw 2 Poly Rocks each per either end.

      1. Lead players throw alternately.
      2. Second players throw alternately.
      3. Third players throw alternately.
      4. The thirds will take the place of the skips so they can shoot.
      5.  Skip players throw until the end of the game.
      6.  If there should be a tie at the end of the game, the players will play another end to decide a winner.    

             Thanks to Ed Williams for supplying us with the rules:

      Ed Williams
      6649 E. 32 St.
      Yuma, AZ 85365

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