Slide Show Help

How to View a Slide Show

Slide shows are meant to be viewed using a web browser such as Internet Explorer. A slide show consists of a single HTML file and a folder of the same name that contains all the files that make up the slide show. To start a slide show, simply double-click the icon for the HTML file. If the slide show is set to play automatically, it will begin displaying images shortly. If it is set to manual advance, the index page will be displayed.

The Index Page

The index page displays the name of the slide show and miniatures of all the images in the slide show. To go directly to one of the slides, simply click on its image. To start playing the slide show from the beginning, click on the right arrow button at the top of the screen. If you have a multiple slide shows, there may be an additional button to take you to the table of contents so you select another slide show.

Slide Pages

Slide pages display individual images with optional captions and descriptive information. At the top of the page is a navigation bar with buttons to let you advance to the first, previous, next, or last slide. Clicking the question mark takes you to this help page. Clicking the remaining button takes you to the index page. You can also use the Forward and Back buttons on your browser.

Slide Show Viewing Tips:

To view slides full screen when using Internet Explorer, press the F11 key. This will temporarily hide some of the tool bars at the top of the screen and leave more room for images. To restore the tool bars, press F11 a second time.


When you are done viewing a slide show, simply close the browser window.